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 Tank Decorations: What to use

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PostSubject: Tank Decorations: What to use   Sat Jan 20, 2007 6:35 am

When searching for decorations for your aquarium be sure they are labeled as safe for aquarium use. If it doesnt say or you are unsure if it is safe, dont buy it. It could leach deadly toxins into your tank, color your water, etc. Dont just think any plastic plant or decoration can be used in aquariums. Some fish decorations are sold close to reptile habitat decorations. Many of these are suited for use in a dry reptile enclosure, but not submerged under water.

It is a good idea to buy decorations that reflect your fishes native habitat. This will make them feel much more comfortable in their new home. Never leave your fishes tank empty! Many people may have gotten shy fish and taken all the hiding places out of the tank just so they can see the fish. This cruel to the fish and they will live a short stressful life. If you provide plenty of hiding places, you will still see your fish; or instead you could just buy fairly active fish that are not shy, but you must still provide cover.

Plastice vs. Real
Plastic plants and fake driftwood may seem to be easier to care for and overall be a better choice, but that isnt true. I reccomend having live plants in your tank as it greatly benefits you and your fish. First, real plants look much nicer and more natural. Second, they reduce harmful nitrate from your tank water that you normally must remove with water changes. Third, they are more attractive to you and your fish will appreciate live plants way more than plastic. Go here to read more about the benefit of live plants and whether you could have them. The pros and cons of real versus artificial aquarium plants.

How to Prepare Rocks and Wood
To figure out to rocks, and wood that you may have found outside your house you must be very patient! There are many steps you must take and many dangers in using things you found in nature. It would take a long time to explain everything, and i would find it much easier and safer to not use your own decor.

Here are some sites you should find helpful.
Are You Ready For A Planted Tank?
Beginner Plants
Meeting The Needs Of Plants
Creating A Brackish Tank
Nature In Your Tank

20G generously planted
10G lightly planted
5G *soon to be heavily planted*
10G goldfish tank *cycling*
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Tank Decorations: What to use
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